Tel-Lynx Guardian for Caregivers

Protect your loved one from telephone scams and insistent telemarketers with the TEL-LYNX GUARDIAN!


  • Seniors over 65 lose nearly $17 billion annually to financial exploitation.
  • Exploiters use the telephone along with social pressure and tactics that take advantage of cognitive decline and memory loss.
  • Seniors lose nearly $13 billion annually to explicitly illegal activity (scams).
  • Evidence shows that just one telemarketing call per day puts your loved one at risk.
  • Surprisingly, risk is higher for seniors who are:
    • Younger;
    • Urban;
    • College educated;
    • Financially sophisticated;
    • Thrifty;
    • A victim of previous "isolated" scam;
    • Recipient of only ONE telemarketing call per day.

ONLY the TEL-LYNX GUARDIAN provides the security for your loved one's phone service, allowing the freedom of a home phone without the concern.

 *The True Link Report on Elder Financial Abuse 2015

Tel-Lynx Guardian: FEATURES


The Tel-Lynx Guardian keeps a phone book of allowed callers and also qualifies new callers the first time they call. This eliminates all robocalls (including political calls) and nearly all telemarketing calls, while allowing all wanted calls through. Qualified new callers are placed on a new call list so the Guardian knows them when they call again. The Guardian’s Intelligent Personal Telephone Assistant provides three graduated levels of protection for your loved one.

  • The Guardian intelligently screens all calls (it's patented!); no need for a long blacklist.
  • Unwanted robocalls, including political calls, are completely blocked.
  • Friends, family, doctors' offices, pharmacies, etc. in Guardian's phone book get right through.
  • Caregiver can remotely manage Guardian's phone book, new call list, and voice mail.
  • Do-Not-Disturb hours allow only selected callers to ring through.
  • In an emergency, if 911 is dialed, call screening is temporarily suspended.
  • Works with all home telephones and all home phone services.
  • No monthly fee.


 Guardian BASIC (Personal Assistant Mode I)

  • Wanted calls get through; robo/political calls & nearly all telemarketing calls do not.
  • Qualified new callers go on new call list; they ring through then and in the future.
  • Loved one has total control over Guardian with administrative rights.

 Guardian BASIC PLUS (Personal Assistant Mode II)

 Same as BASIC, except:

  • Qualified new callers on new call list go to voice mail—phone does not ring.
  • Even persistent scammers/telemarketers cannot ring your loved one's telephone.
  • Loved one can access voice mail from qualified new callers.

 Guardian ULTIMATE (Personal Assistant Mode III)

 Same as BASIC PLUS, except:

  • Only caregiver can access voice mail from qualified new callers; loved one cannot.
  • Scammers/telemarketers have no access to your loved one—even if they leave voice mail.
  • Only caregiver has administrative rights.
  • Can opt to forward calls from qualified new callers to caregiver's phone number.**

** Requires loved one's phone service to have 3-way calling.


Tel-Lynx Guardian: HOW IT WORKS

  1. Connect your loved one's home phone service to the Guardian.
  2. Connect the Guardian to your loved one's telephones.
  3. Set the level of protection you want.
  4. Enter contacts into your loved one's Guardian phone book.
  5. Your loved one places calls as usual, or uses Guardian's speed dial or Dial-By-Name.
  6. Add phone book entries using the telephone handset or call in remotely.

 The Tel-Lynx Guardian, with its Intelligent Personal Telephone Assistant,
provides PROTECTION from phone scams, telemarketers, robocalls, political calls,
and other unwanted calls for your loved one, and provides PEACE OF MIND for you,
the caregiver!