Solving everyday problems, simply.

nVideon employs a small group of dedicated and energetic people focused on making products that work the way people want them to. We have very high standards and are proud of the work we do. We use TLC every day and consider it a valuable addition to our lives.

Here at nVideon, we are dedicated to providing the best home telephone system available. We have listened to people talk about issues they have with their phones, like robocalls, screening calls and taking messages, misplacing mobile phones, missing mobile phone calls and texts, dead mobile phone batteries, and calls at inopportune times, to name just a few. We shared these issues and added a few of our own.

We have had many discussions about what an ideal home telephone system would do and how it would work. After years of development, testing, and refinement we have come up with a new and better way to use all your phones at home. Along the way, we added features that were too much fun to leave out! 

The result is the Tel-Lynx Connexion (pronounced like connection), or TLC for short. It's the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and yet easy-to-use home telephone system on the planet!

TLC was developed by nVideon, Inc. (, founded in 2006 in Atlanta.

Chris Hodges is the CEO. He holds an MSEE degree from Georgia Tech and is a serial entrepreneur. He started his career as a research engineer with the Georgia Tech Research Institute and then helped launch a Georgia Tech spin-off called Atlanta Signal Processors, Inc. (now part of Polycom). As founder of Stradis, Inc. (now part of Vitec Multimedia), he designed and produced MPEG audio/video decoder cards that are sold worldwide to broadcasters and others in the entertainment industry. Chris brings his vast experience and expertise to nVideon to provide state-of-the-art products that are cost efficient and reliable.

Susan Hodges is the Director of Marketing. She holds a BS degree from The Ohio State University and is a TLC user herself, so she wants it to be a fun and easy to use product. She spends untold hours making sure that the user interface is the best it can be. Her background in small business has given her a great deal of insight into people's needs and wants.

She also searches out the smartest and most cost-efficient 21st century marketing techniques and works hard to inform consumers about the many ways the Tel-Lynx Connexion can improve their day-to-day lives.