Compare Tel-Lynx to other products

Tel-Lynx is a new, first-of-its-kind product that incorporates seven products into one well-integrated system. Tel-Lynx incorporates:

Not only does Tel-Lynx incorporate each of the above products into one integrated system, it adds new and improved features. No other system provides the integration, connection, convenience, and protection that Tel-Lynx provides. To prove this point, we have selected a few popular systems to compare with Tel-Lynx. The information presented for non-Tel-Lynx products in the tables below was obtained by web search. Of the six products compared, only theTel-Lynx Connexion and XLink (also sold as Gigaset One) work with mobile phones over Bluetooth; their mobile phone capabilities are compared in the second table.

The only difference between the Tel-Lynx Connexion (TLC) and TLC Plus is that the 'Plus' adds support for a second landline service. The difference between the Guadian BT and TLC is the Guardian BT has only inside telephone line. The difference between the Tel-Lynx Guardian and Tel-Lynx Guardian Plus is that the 'Plus' adds support for a second landline service and support for two-line telephones. Both versions of TLC support single and two-line telephones.

General Capabilities Compared

Guardian BT


Call blocking method Adaptive Whitelist Adaptive Whitelist Adaptive Whitelist None Manual Blacklist Community Blacklist Adaptive Whitelist Manual
Works with all phone services
No blacklist or whitelist entry required
Blocks 100% of unwanted robocalls
Always allows all wanted calls through
Telephones will not ring
even once for unwanted calls
Can block 100% of
fraudulent scam calls
Patented, interactive
Personal Telephone Assistant
Can be administered from
any home telephone
Remote call-in administration
Temporary and scheduled
Call screening can be
temporarily overriden
911 calls temporarily
override call screening
Intergrated multi-user voice mail
Distinctive ringing
for up to 8 users
using any home telephone
Speed Dialing
Timers & Alarms
Record phone calls to your PC
Can be updated with a PC
Supports multiple, independent calls
using single & two-line telephones
Can be used with
Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
Can import contacts
from mobile phones

Mobile Phone Capabilities Compared

Tel-Lynx XLink
Imports phone book from mobile phone(s)
Can use telephones to access iPhone's Siri
and Android's voice commands
Supports mobile phone call waiting
Supports mobile phone
3-way calling & call conferencing
Supports ongoing, independent calls
on two mobile phones1
Can automatically & selectively forward home calls
to your mobile phone when you're away from home
Won't inappropriately steal a
call's audio from your mobile phone
Telephone access to Android
text messages
PC access to Android text messages
Device management with Android phone app

1 - Requires TLC with a 2-line telephone or 2 single line telephones.