Top Ten Features

Make or take all your calls from everywhere in your home with Tel-Lynx!

From wherever there is a telephone in your home, you can make or take phone calls through up to two mobile phones and up to two home phone services connected to Tel-Lynx.

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Stop all unwanted robocalls, including political calls, and virtually all telemarketing calls!

Stop those annoying robocalls--even live sales calls!

Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant intelligently screens your calls so that you get only the calls you want, and you're never bothered by unwanted robocalls, including political calls.

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Know when a call is for you with Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant!

You'll love having Tel-Lynx's personal telephone assistant answer and screen all your calls on all your phone services (up to two mobile phones and up to two landlines). Answer only when you hear your ring pattern.

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Voice mailboxes for everyone in your family.

Tel-Lynx supports up to eight (8) voice mailboxes--up to seven user mailboxes and a general mailbox.

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Text messages--send and receive them on your telephones--no need to run for your mobile phone!

It's so convenient--pick up and send text messages on your telephones. With TLC, TLC Plus, and the Guardian BT you can leave your mobile phone on its charger and never miss a text.

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Dial-By-Name. It's quick and easy!

Make calls from any home telephone on any of your phone services using Dial-By-Name. It's easier  than using your mobile phone's phone book! And it's faster  than voice dialing.

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Selective forwarding to your mobile phone.

When a call comes in on your home phone service while you're away, TLC, TLC Plus, and the Guardian BT can automatically forward the call to one of your two mobile phones, depending upon who is being called.

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Set Do-Not-Disturb periods.

You can send some or all of your calls to voice mail for a specified period of time, or on a routine basis.    

You can set awake, sleep, and work hours, and block certain numbers. 

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Up to two independent, simultaneous calls with TLC, TLC Plus, and Guardian Plus.

Use two telephones (or two-line telephones) for up to two independent, simultaneous calls.

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Record telephone conversations.

Use Tel-Lynx to record telephone conversations to your PC.

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