Tel-Lynx Products Announcement 4.7.14

Welcome to April Tel-Lynx News!

Text message apps, more software

We're beta testing the Android app that brings your mobile phone's text messages to your telephones and Windows PCs, laptops, and tablets at home. And we're working on phone book management and setup software for Android.

Boxes on a slow boat from China

The plastic boxes that will house TLC's electronics have shipped and are scheduled to arrive at the manufacturing plant by May 9th. Boy, that's been a long road! This means our first build is getting closer!

Tel-Lynx products announcement

Drum roll, please! Go to the Products page to see the three Tel-Lynx products, features, and prices. The temperature sensor will be an optional add-on, cost TBD.

Here's your chance to help decide how to divide the first build.

Please go to the Support page and send us a message. Tell us:

Which Tel-Lynx product(s) will you buy? With or without the temperature sensor?

We appreciate your input!

(Temp Sensor Sneak Peek: I'm on my laptop's task bar, hovering over TLC's telephone icon, and it shows the indoor and outdoor temperature. How cool is that?)

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