Tel-Lynx Update 11.12.14

Greetings, all!

And welcome to our latest followers who found us at the North Atlanta Home Show in October. We enjoyed talking with you and learning about how you might best use Tel-Lynx in your home. Stay tuned for our TLC and TLC Plus product launch!

We're still finishing up software and manuals. Once they're completed, we'll hook up five TLC prototypes in the homes of folks in Atlanta as a beta test. We want to get extensive feedback on the out-of-the-box experience and the user manuals before Tel-Lynx goes on the market.

The next step will be to invite you to purchase TLC*.  Once you start using your Tel-Lynx product, we'll be very grateful for your feedback. And once you're sure you can't live without it, we'll ask you for a testimonial to post on our website. Thank you in advance!

*If you pledged for Tel-Lynx on Kickstarter, you will receive an e-mail regarding special pricing.

Next in the pipeline: Tel-Lynx Guardian

Do you care for a friend or family member who lives alone and is vulnerable to telephone scams? If you do, the Tel-Lynx Guardian will be a gift from above! No mobile phones involved—just the Personal Telephone Assistant, allowing the telephone to ring only when it's someone in the Tel-Lynx phone book that you've created. All other calls go to voice mail without ringing the phone. You can check voice mail remotely and add new callers to the phone book, and you can set up remote-only access to voice mail if you wish. Of course, the Guardian will include Do-Not-Disturb, timers, alarms, and many other features as well.

Tel-Lynx Guardian: it's simple, easy-to-use, and provides protection that you'll treasure. Once TLC and TLC Plus are available for sale, Guardian development will be close behind. Keep it in mind, and we'll keep you informed.

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