Tel-Lynx Update 6.18.15

Tel-Lynx Guardian and Guardian Plus

What's a Guardian, you ask? The Tel-Lynx Guardian & Guardian Plus do everything TLC & TLC Plus do except connect to mobile phones. You'll want one of these if you don't have mobile phones or don't want to use your mobiles with TLC or TLC Plus. (You know who you are—your mobile must be on your person at all times!)

The Guardian is used with one home phone service plus Skype, and single-line telephones. The Guardian Plus can be used with two home phone services and two-line telephones. The Guardian is ready to ship; the Guardian Plus will ship in November.

Tel-Lynx Guardian Caregiver mode

The Guardian is a great choice if you're a caregiver who wants to protect your loved one from getting scammed by telemarketers. The Guardian's advanced call blocking mode allows your loved one to receive calls from everyone in his or her phone book, but never allows calls from telemarketers to get through. As the caregiver, you can remotely administer the Guardian. Priceless!

Thank you so much for your support, and for your patience! Please write to us through Support if you have questions.

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