Tel-Lynx Update 9.4.15

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Yes, you read it right—all Tel-Lynx products are finally for sale at You can actually purchase them there!! I’m rubbing my eyes!! Tel-Lynx products are also for sale on Amazon (check out the photos!) here. And soon you’ll find start-up videos on the website to help you…start up!

Tel-Lynx Guardian: New caregiver modes

If you're a caregiver who wants to protect your loved one from insistent telemarketers (or just plain scammers!!), consider the Guardian. You’ll find a well-researched report here about various types of financial abuse being perpetrated upon especially (but not exclusively) the elderly. The Guardian can nip scammers in the bud with its advanced call blocking modes!

The Guardian Basic mode allows qualified new callers to ring your phone. But for vulnerable folks, Guardian Basic Plus mode sends even qualified new callers to voice mail, and Guardian Ultimate mode requires a secret code to access those voice mails. You as caregiver can access voice mails and manage the Guardian remotely.

If you've set the Guardian into Ultimate mode, your loved one can receive calls from everyone in his or her phone book, but calls from telemarketers or scammers won’t get through. The Guardian’s caregiver modes (see info here) are an excellent example of how Tel-Lynx is all about keeping you both Connected and Protected!

The caregiver modes are also available on TLC and TLC Plus.

We appreciate your support and your patience! Please pass this news on to friends and family, and write to us through Support if you have questions. Oh, and purchase a Tel-Lynx product if you haven’t already! Thanks!

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