Where can I download Tel-Lynx software and apps?

Click here to install the Android TLC app from Google Play onto your Android phone. Or go to Google Play on your Android phone, search for "Tel-Lynx", and install it directly. The Android app will:

  1. Allow you to modify all of TLC's settings.
  2. Provide access to your Android's text messages through your telephones.
  3. Alert you to new text messages by ringing your telephones.
  4. Automatically add voice tags to imported contacts from your mobile phones.

Click here to download the preliminary beta PC server software for Tel-Lynx. This software will:

  1. Update the Tel-Lynx MCU and Bluetooth firmware if needed (MCU 1.4.78 / BT 1.8).
  2. Allow you to import/export Tel-Lynx's phone book from/to a PC.
  3. Automatically add voice tags to imported contacts from a PC or mobile phone.
  4. Allow you to record telephone conversations onto your PC.
  5. Provide the interface to Skype running on your PC.

NOTE: The latest Chrome web browser warns that downloading .zip files is dangerous and shows a "Disgard" button. You can ignore the warning and click "Show All" on the bottom right of the browser page, then click "Keep Dangerous File". Or you can just use another browser like MS Edge or MS Explorer.

!!!! Please read the "Install Instructions.txt" file included in the download !!!!

!!!! Do not run the PC software directly from the zip file !!!!

!!!! Microsoft is also no longer supporting the Desktop API that Tel-Lynx uses to work with Skype. As such we can no longer support Skype. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is out of our control !!!!

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